LED Pong

LED Pong
LED Pong

LED Pong


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Amaze your guests at your next party! Whether it's a wedding, corporate gathering, college party, or a back yard bbq our LED Pong Table is going to amaze all your guests. No need for extension cords as our LED Pong is battery operated and will run up to 8 hours on a charge. LED Pong comes with New Ping Pong balls for each rental. Renter must supply own red or clear cups for safe hygiene. 

Delivery Note: Due to size and weight restraints of this item we can not go up or down more than (3) stairs without special arrangements and additional delivery surcharge.

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    Each board is battery operated and good for up to 8 hours of play so there is no need for messy extension cords to power the LED lights. LED Corn Hole is a great game for some backyard fun in the sun. This is also a perfect game for indoors on rainy days.

    It’s all about points with this game, toss the beanbag and keep it on the board or sink it in the hole for the win. Modify the rules as needed to let the little ones have a chance at winning a prize. Perfect for any party – neighborhood, college, church, even a wedding party! Reserve your LED Corn Hole rental from All Blown Up Inflatable Rentals.

    Acrylic LED Corn Hole boards are very durable but will not support the weight of any person and it is the sole responsibility of the renter to insure damage does not occur.  

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    Unit may vary from unit pictured. 

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  • Port-A-Cool 2000Port-A-Cool 2000Client must provide water hose and water source to fill unit.

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    Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rentals available.

    Need more than one for your event? We have you covered; call us today for all the details.

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